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Professional Web Concepts Inc Terms Service

Pro Web Concepts Inc. Terms of Service

Payment of your hosting invoices acknowledges your agreement to these terms. These terms are subject to change without prior notice.

  1. No sending of unsolicited messages to individuals or “spamming”. Violators be first warned and if they do not cease such activities immediately they will have all services terminated and no refunds will be issued. Please report any violation to: TOS@prowebconcepts.com
  2. If you work on your own website, you are fully responsible for the content in your web directory and backing up your contents on a regular basis.Professional Web Concepts will not be responsible for any electronic files stored in your web directory.
  3. Professional Web Concepts will not be responsible for data lost when a account is suspended or terminated because of an outstanding balance.
  4. Professional Web Concepts makes no guarantee of availability of service. We reserve the right to change, upgrade, or discontinue any functionality or feature of our hosting service.

Support Policies – WEB HOSTING

Professional Web Concepts will provide, some free of charge, support for your web site hosting. To request support please contact our office. Free Support Services are defined by:

  1. Assistance with the basic setup or basic operation of applications or scripting provided as a part of your hosting service.
  2. Information regarding the required paths or availability of services to run applications or scripting you wish to install.
  3. Problems or errors with FTP, Telnet, HTTP, SMTP, POP, SQL, MS Access, mySQL services.
  4. Assistance with initial setup of your email application.

Support Services NOT provided free of charge:

  1. Third party applications or scripting not provided as a part of your hosting services (i.e. installed by you or your representative).
  2. Setup or configuration of services not provided as a part of your web hosting.
  3. Training in use of mySQL, Dreamweaver, FrontPage, or other applications.
  4. Software or hardware issues on your computer.
  5. Problems or conflicts with your ISP services.
  6. Problems or errors with your web site not related to server performance.

Assistance with services outside the scope of your web hosting can be provided for an hourly charge, at the discretion of the Professional Web Concepts representative.

Billing Policies

Web Hosting is a PRE-PAID service.

  1. Electronic hosting invoices are issued the FIRST DAY of the month preceding the service month. Invoices for design, web site maintenance and other non-hosting services are issued upon completion of the work or service.
  2. Hosting payments are expected to be received by the by midnight of the last day of the month preceding service month with the exception of legal holidays. Payment for non-hosting related services is net due 30 days.
  3. Pre-Authorised (scheduled) payments to be placed against your credit card will be processed on the First day of billing month.
  4. Accounts over 30 days will be considered past due and be assessed finance charges with an annual rate of 18.99%. Hosting billing cycle (after first due date) is 15 days; non-hosting billing cycle is 10 days
  5. Hosting accounts not paid in full by the start of business on the 15th day of the service month will have their ftp, website & email services suspended until full payment plus late charges is received. Past due maintenance accounts will have work removed from their website if payment is not received within 15 days of work completion.
  6. A$25 fee will be charged to reconnect suspended hosting services. Full payment of past due balance and reconnect fee are due before site is reconnected. Full payment of past due maintenance account is required to restore updated pages.
  7. Hosting accounts not paid in full within 30 days (two billing periods) of original due date will have all services terminated. Termination of service does not relieve you from debts incurred while your site is/was active on our DNS (domain name servers).
  8. Accounts 90 days or more past due will be turned over for collection.
  9. Professional Web Concepts reserves the right to refuse transfer to another server a website that has an unpaid past due balances. We also reserve the right to refuse access to source code, design files, etc if their are open balances.