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Web Development

Development & Consulting

Content Managed & device responsive Websites including scheduled backups & security audits with 24×7 production support.

Comprehensive website development is integral to the success of any business venture.

Fortune 500s, ISVs, and start-ups can increase customer engagement and streamline their internal processes through our robust website solutions. Our development experts employ strategies aimed at fostering design efficiency, improving usability, and ultimately increasing ROI. We are capable of creating and implementing virtually any desired website feature you need. We invite you to be in touch with us to discuss your project and requirements. With this consulting phase, we will learn your requirements and based on the initial blueprints, we will make our recommendations on technology framework to be used and other tools which can benefit you for short and long term prospective.

The major benefits you can gain from our website development strategies, recommendations and consulting:

Website Usability:

Deliver easy-to-use, functional websites and applications. Our Solutions concentrates all development processes on user-centric methods. This approach values the importance of clean navigation, convenient applications, and streamlined pages, so your customers will be fully engaged throughout the entire process. We build each website to offer optimal usability and efficiency for your business.

Responsive Design:

Don’t lose site visitors to other devices or resolutions! Our websites are designed to be responsive in nature, which means they adjust automatically for optimal readability on any device type or screen size. We also use HTML5 technology, which enables our clients to deliver the familiarity of native applications without the hassle of app stores.

Time-Efficient Process:

Achieve end results sooner. We follow the agile software development methodology. With this process, we build websites and solutions as we gather information from our clients, rather than after.


Build flexible solutions. Our websites are built using open source technologies, such as WordPress, Joomla and ecommerce frameworks such as Magento and osCommerce. This gives our clients more design flexibility and improves usability across multiple platforms.

Package and Custom Solutions:

Receive a website solution that fits your needs, budget, and goals. Our experts work with clients individually to create the most suitable package or custom solution for their business.

Contact us today and explore how our website development solutions will help your business organize, grow, and thrive.

Open source frameworks offers practical or total accessibility to a software’s source code.

Using open source frameworks are definitely a cost effective option if you don’t want to make a huge investment in developing a custom content management solutions. Using an open source platform also gives you access to an incredible range of modules, plug-ins, add-ons that improve the usability of your website and enhance its functionality.

At Pro Web, we choose these modules based on required features to fulfil website objectives.

Pro Web is an expert in Open Source Content Management Frameworks like WordPress, Joomla and Open Source Ecommerce Framework such as Magento, OsCommerce. We leverage the maximum potential of open source frameworks to deliver amazing websites.

Developing open source web sites are cost effective and do not require additional expenses such as software licenses or servers requirements to run.

There is a long list of open source platforms available and it is critical to understand which one fits your website requirements. At Pro Web, we do a complete analysis of the requirements and make our recommendations and educate our clients for the same and create websites that are secure, user friendly with low maintenance cost.

Contact us for more information about open source web development frameworks and the way we use it to create online applications.

Our experts work with clients individually to create the most suitable package or custom solution for their business.

We create websites that satisfy client requirements and user expectations. Our custom designs are focused on target audience, considering cultural and demographic implications, market competition and the defining purpose of the website application. Our pre-production team makes sure that every single design element is driven by a need to create a profitable website. For us, an effective website isn’t just a website that looks fancy, but a website that attracts visitors, and has a higher conversion ratio.

Our custom web design services include everything that a business will want for a successful, solid and enriching web presence.   

Below you can review two aspects of a custom website:


Empowering the web design experience & usability, technology like HTML5, JQuery has left a huge impact on the next generation websites within a short time since they introduced. We use these technologies to make sure the websites are rich with these features.

We use responsive framework like Bootstrap to make sure that our websites respond quickly and seamlessly with different devices and resolutions at the user end.


Starting from database architecture, application blueprinting and functionality documentations, developers at Pro Web pin down all the technical features and collaborate with technical leads and client to create product/ sprint backlogs and work with product incremental delivery environment. We use Kanban and Agile Scrum Framework for development.

We are experts in using open source frameworks such as Codeigniter or CakePHP as a PHP framework to build custom PHP applications. These frameworks are proven, agile & open PHP web application framework with a small footprint. It is powering the next generation of web apps.

Contact us for more information about our custom website solutions.

Website Database Development

Database development is an important and ongoing need for any business, especially if you require a dynamic web site.

Pro Web provides database design and development services for new and existing web applications. Custom database development need not be expensive. We understand that budgets are often limited for IT development. Therefore, Pro Web focuses on rapid, efficient and flexible database development.

We retain the best programmers and use the latest database technologies and programming languages. We stay in close contact with our clients throughout the database development process and pride ourselves in giving our clients exactly what they want.

Pro Web has built custom databases for a variety of industries including:

  • Aviation
  • Food Service/Restaurant
  • Manufacturing
  • Real Estate
  • Retail
  • Security and Surveillance
  • Sports Entertainment
  • Telecommunications
  • Textiles

Web databases are increasingly used for Internet development and management because of their global accessibility. With the multitude of database technologies available, it can be a daunting task to select the right one for your project. Large corporate databases operating over the Internet require different technologies than databases that store information for a small business Intranet. We will help you select the right database technology and develop your database application.

We will help you maintain your website, fix errors, security audit and adding new plugins using our state-of-the-art practices and accurate standards. All of our packages come with unmatched customer service and the best of user experience.

Security Audit for WordPress Framework

You may probably never about know the vulnerabilities on your website unless you are hit from the malwares or viruses. You will never know if the hosting provider updating your server to fill all possible security holes and keep it safe from nasty hackers? Contact our specialized WordPress security experts and we will make deep inspection of your website server configuration, database and WordPress core files, theme files and all the plugins installed. We will send you a detailed reporting of all tasks performed on your website so that you know the situation earlier and the sensitive items which are fixed. We will install all the required tools and applications to make sure the website is totally secure from vulnerabilities and possible attacks. We will also make recommendations on how to maintain the security features going forward.

Contact us and we will send you our WordPress security audit package or make a customized package if required.