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Better ways to protect your sites against software vulnerabilities

Better ways to protect your sites against software vulnerabilities

60% of website breaches and hacks are because of application vulnerabilities. The reason is that you forgot to install the patches that resolves the vulnerabilities. This means having applications with known vulnerabilities installed on your website provide hackers the blueprints they need to hack into your site. Every day, it gets harder to keep track of every disclosed WordPress vulnerability. You have to compare that list to the versions of plugins and themes you have installed on your site… and make sure you’re constantly updating. This requires a lot of monitoring and manual upgrade and you may not probably want to spend that much time managing all of this.

WordPromise sets up a process to scan your website and automate the patch upgrade with the assistance of its licensed tools to protect your sites against software vulnerabilities which is the number one reason of compromised WordPress sites.

The new improved security scan features of our security tools perform automatic checks for known website vulnerabilities and, if a patch is available, we will now automatically apply the fix for you… so you don’t have to. That’s some peace of mind

What is improved in your security scan feature?

We have been using the Sucuri Malware scanning API to scan for malware on your website but there were complaints of failed scan because of disconnection with customer’s website or timing out before the scan is completed. Unfortunately, the malware scan API that our tools used didn’t provide the information actually required to resolve the issues with failed scans. This meant there wasn’t anything we could do to fix these issues.

The new site scanner will notify if Google has identified malware on your site and will automatically scan for and update software with known vulnerabilities. This is just a start at this point, and we are looking to add more features in coming months.

  • File Level Malware Scanning – The File Change Scan is getting an upgrade to intelligently identify malware.
  • Malware Remediation – If malware is found, iThemes Security Pro will be able to delete or replace the compromised files.

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