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WordPress has 40% market share among all websites on internet

WordPress has 40% market share among all websites on internet

WordPress now powers 40% of all the websites on the Internet including websites built with open-source framework, custom coded frameworks or even without a CMS according to W3Techs. And if you restrict the data to only websites with all known CMS, WordPress’ market share gets even more dominant i.e. near about 65%.

Here is a quick glimpse of the market share comparison:

% All Websites% CMS Market

WordPress holds a dominant position over Joomla and Drupal, two other popular self-hosted content management systems. Even with the hosted website builders like Wix and Squarespace, the numbers shows that they are not a threat anytime sooner to WordPress either although they are gaining popularity too.

Many argue that WordPress is just used by lots of small sites resulting bulk installations. However, if you analyse, the market share of WordPress is close to 35% even with World’s highly-trafficked websites according to BuiltWith.

There is another debate among WordPress critics, If its market share is still growing or has come to a saturation point. Well, WordPress market share isn’t just “still growing”, it’s actually been consistently growing at roughly the same rate according to the data available to the public. At the start of 2017, WordPress powered 27.3% of all websites which grew by 7.9% by December 2019 which clearly shows no sign of slowing down leading to its consistent growth, popularity and the affection towards this lovely framework.

As of December 2019, WordPress have made 409 releases which clearly indicates the seriousness and focus of its authors and developers.

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